Discover the magical journey of Luxe Art NFT

A collection of 33 limited edition hand-painted and curated artworks by award-winning artists from the East Coast transformed into NFTs.


Welcome to the World of unique and luxurious digital arts.

As a group of young artists, we believe that a new era has begun to grow from the encounter of art and technology, and we are all keen and passionate about creating new artworks to embrace this evolution and take the time to play our role for this transformation.

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The story of

Luxe Art NFT

Our journey started years ago as kids, that moment when we found out that creating arts and paintings is our passion hence we dedicated our lives to following our hearts and making our dreams come to reality.

Throughout our professional career, we have had our artworks shown in numerous exhibits and galleries around the world. Our goal is to play an effective role to build bridges and connect to our global audience through NFTs and help change the traditional way of thinking about arts.


Luxe Art #1


Luxe Art #16


Luxe Art #29

May this collection washes away the dust of everyday life from our souls and encourage more artists to join this evolution.

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Love is the roadmap therefore 5% of the initial sold price and 10% of the royalty fees will go directly to a charity.


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